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The earth is a lot more toxic than in the past and we are exposed to many chemical substances. On top of that most of us lead demanding and hectic lives. Our bodies are not able to cope with this rise in toxins, as our bodies were never made to deal with the man-made chemicals we have been confronted with these days. These influence well being and can even be the explanation for weight reduction problems.

Apparently long term Clen users have experienced an unexplained ballooning of weight, presumably because the drug s effect has worn off and the user s body has become immune to it, and is trying to gain back the much needed fat that we are all genetically programmed to have (especially women). Quick And Easy Ways To Lose Weight Credibility of Dr. Michael Allan s Claims

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Old New Orleans Rum Quality Awards



90.54 – Winner: Best Spiced Rum rated Old New Orleans Cajun Spiced Rum as the Best Spiced Rum out of about 557 rums Worldwide.

2010 International Review of Spirits (BTI)

93 - Highest Rated Flavored Rum - “Best Buy” (Cajun Spice)
90 – “Best Buy” (Amber)
88 - (Crystal)

2009 International Review of Spirits (BTI)

90 – Highest Rated Flavored Rum (Cajun Spice)

2008 International Rum Festival

Gold Medal (Crystal)
Silver Medal (Cajun Spice, Amber)
Bronze Medal (Ten-Year)

2007 & 2008 International Review of Spirits (BTI)

Highest Rated-Flavored Rum (Cajun Spice)

2007 Ministry of Rum Competition, New Orleans

Gold Medal (Crystal)
Silver Medal (Amber, Ten-Year)
Bronze Medal (Cajun Spice)

2007 American Distilling Institute

Gold Medal – Aged Rum (Amber)

2004 International Review of Spirits

Silver Medal (Crystal)

2004 International Review of Spirits

Bronze Medal (Amber)

2001 Ministry of Rum Competition, Barbados

Bronze Medal (Amber)

2001 Saveur Magazine

Favorite Drink

2000 USA Today

Top Five Spirits Of The Year


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