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Weight Loss Tea #3: Since Lipozene is essentially a fiber product, this brings up the question: Why not just buy one of the commonly available fiber supplements, at a cost that is far less than Lipozene? Weight Loss Calendar The Weight Control Registry, which tracks 5000 people who have shed thirty pounds and were able to keep them off for at least 12 months, shows that most who experience natural weight loss eat breakfast to fuel the body up every morning. Diet tips that suggest eating breakfast are abundant because this works. Studies support the fact that people who start with a healthy breakfast are less likely to eat excess calories later in the day. Natural weight loss occurs as the body adjusts to more calories in the morning and fewer calories at lunch and dinner. So, eating a solid breakfast is one of those diet tips vital for achieving results. Free Weight Loss Diet Plans Online Melt Belt - Sauna Belt - Slimming Belt : A Review Of Miracle Weight-loss Devices

If you re accustom to 2200 calories a day then your body is adapted to this level and any drastic and immediate change will cause pain. Your body is also use to the amount of nutrients in those calories - the vitamins and minerals - so if you go to

It may take you a few tries to feel the right tension. Basically, picture you pulling your belly button into your spine. Common results... losing 2 inches in less than a month from your belly (when done for 5 minutes EVERYDAY). What Is The Best Weight Loss Pill Are you are frustrated about those extra pounds? Have you tried several diet programs that work for a while, but you gain the weight back? Do you know and believe that God is really interested in helping you lose weight permanently?

Man Over 50? Eat Healthy

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The Best Rum in the World: Old New Orleans

Our Rum

Gingeroo 750ml

Price: 9.85

Old New Orleans Spicy Ginger Ale

Rum with Natural Ginger Juice & Carbonation Added.  20 Proof & 10% Alcohol by Volume.  Available only at the distillery.

10 Year Special Edition

Available only at the distillery!

Created by our master distiller and years of patience, this authentic spirit lives to tell the tale of Hurricane Katrina. Distilled in our unique column still, it is aged unfiltered in hand selected oak barrels. Steeped in the tropical heat of New Orleans, this ten year rum is our artful expression of an authentic southern spirit. An intense rum experience with savory, complex layers of soulful smoothness for the connoisseur’s discriminating palate.

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Cajun Spice

A blend of rums are combined with the kick of cayenne and cinnamon, hints of nutmeg, ginger, and cloves to create this truly unique, truly New Orleans flavor.

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Our AMBER colored rum is a blend of 3 rums aged over 3 years. Medium bodied with hints of oak & molasses and deep caramel notes. The smoothness derived from our charred barrells makes it a great sipping rum or a great rum for your favorite dark rum cocktail.  

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This light bodied white rum features the balanced flavors of our sweet Louisiana sugar-cane molasses & pure vanilla; it takes any ordinary cocktail & makes it extraordinary!

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  • “A must SEE and a must DO! If you’ve ever been to a distillery before, you NEED to come to this tour. If you’ve seen 1, you haven’t...

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  • “You will not be disappointed when you go on this hidden gem of a tour!”

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  • “An intoxicatingly enjoyable experience”

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Office: 504-945-9400


Celebration Distillation, 2815 Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, LA 70122